Thursday, September 11, 2014

2-3 Main Ideas

1. Kids are dropping out of school for a job since they belive it will benefit the family instead of getting a education thats why primary school to elementary school enrollements are drasticly dropped.

2. The goverment is not focusing on kids getting education instead they are worried about their military and want to defend the country so they are not funding the schools but instead the army.

Most intresting Idea

Kids dropping out of school for a job.

3. what do i disagree on

If schools are private or public? i disagree your asking because if it were private the kids would not drop out of school for a job since their family wants them to have a better education than a public school so that makes me think that i disagree on this idea since i find it being a bit self explanitory if you read the text.

How did i contribute to the Seminar?

i belive i contributed to get a grade of 3.25

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