Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 themes of geography

Topic                                 Experiences & Explanations                                          pieces of evidence

Location:     Santander is located in the north eastern part of colombia its
Santander    capital is Bucaramanga it has Canyon Chicamocha, Barichara                     Panachi its absolute location is 7 North 73 West,

Place:        A colonial style town with colombian and spanish
Barichara   architecture, it has churches houses with the tapia pisada                      technique and with a town square in the middle of the                        town a cultural thing about Barichara is that they eat                          Culonas Ants it has 18th century style houses.          

Movement:  We had to hike a mountain for seven hours we have
The long hike. occasional breaks to rest, I had no water for 3 hours
                      and i felt dehydrated and my feet hurt a lot it was
                    really sunny with lots of uphill and barley any downhill
                   some unfortunate people fell on some dangerous plants
                   or on cactus. We stopped at the ghost town Umpala for
                   one of the many breaks we had.

Human         Tapia Pisada is a technique of making bricks out of dirt
Environment  while doing the activity we did a contest of who's
Interaction:   group made a brick in the fastest time possible a other
Tapia Pisada group won with 20 seconds but ours coming close at
                     22 seconds 2 times we also had to make dry horse
                     into dust by smashing it and mixing it with mud and
                     the last part was making the big brick in a block frame
                     we had to fill with the dirt we made earlier after all
                     those activity we all went to the pool for a short while                      and then had lunch.

Region:          It is a canyon located in the departamento of Santander
Chicamocha  with a cable-car coming through the middle and park
Canyon         named Panachi where my group had the opportunity
                     to taste the drink Hipinto and try Hormigas Culonas
                     we also rode the cable-car and saw the whole canyon
                    Chicamocha with a 20 minute ride we saw the                                   revolution verde monument in Panachi.

Visible    Hormigas Culonas, Hipinto, Tapia Pisada, when
Cultural   barichara recieved the prize of "pueblito mas lindo"
Features: in 1975, barichara is a very Catholic since it has
               lots of chaples and churches.

Invisible  When virgin Mary appeared on a rock on a day in the
Features    year 1702 so the people of barichara made a chaple
Of             to honor the virgin Mary and is called Inmmaculada
Culture:    Concepcion y San Lorenzo Martir. Barichara means
                 A place for rest in Chibcha language, the people in
                Barichara are very friendly.

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