Thursday, September 11, 2014

CWW Santander

1. I expect to learn about Santander and its unique traits not found anywhere else in Colombia. Also to see those unique traits in the enviorment of Santander like it happened in Zona Cafetera last year in the CWW trip. In learning i would like to learn about its foods unique to that area also alot other things, I also would exepct to learn about historical landmarks and famous places like the last trip and also biodiversity if we go hiking, like trees,plants and animals.

2. For physical activity i expect to hike atleast once and myabe twice also do long walks and not use the bus all around, do fun activitys like rafting and thing alike, i would also expect physical activity from making tents and camping.

3. For team building i expect to make tents in a group, raft in a river and do it successfully without fails or miscomunications for camaradire i expect to be a little more open with your group or myabe somone in your room that you didn't pick but is in it and make good friend out of this trip.

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